T-shirt Illustration Design

The Bear, The Lion and The Wolf.

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An illus­tra­tion design embel­lish­ing an ’Alpha’ concept logo, com­mis­sioned via Crew web­site. The illustration’s com­pos­i­tion is inspired by the ‘Allegory of Prudence’ by Titian and its con­tent com­bines a three-headed entity (one Bear, one Lion and one Wolf) with­in the typo­graph­ic ‘Alpha’ logo. Each anim­al is inten­ded to sig­ni­fy a par­tic­u­lar vir­tue the brand wanted to evoke (Lion = Courage ; Bear = Strength ; Wolf = Loyalty). The logo was cre­ated for brand­ing pur­poses and labels, with the illus­tra­tion hav­ing to be cap­able of being prin­ted on black and white appar­el.

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