« Gravid » Phone Application

a series illustrating prenatal development

This series of illus­tra­tions was com­mis­sioned by an soft­ware developer for an app he was devel­op­ing called ‘Gravid’ (Norwegian for ‘Pregnant). The app is inten­ded to be used by expect­ant par­ents to help them mon­it­or pro­gress dur­ing preg­nancy, get expert advice and edu­cate them­selves about the day-to-day devel­op­ment of their child in the womb.

The brief con­sisted of design­ing a ‘Mother’ char­ac­ter and then pro­du­cing 41 con­sec­ut­ive weeks of vec­tor­ised illus­tra­tions of the baby grow­ing from a bundle of cells into a new­born.

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