Bonaverde are a star­tup com­pany from Berlin that strives to change the way Coffee is per­ceived. They’re unique in that they let one buy their cof­fee beans green dir­ectly from the grow­er. They’ve designed a revolu­tion­ary cof­fee machine, which allows you to cir­cum­vent the inter­ven­ing sup­ply chain.

I worked with them on their app to cre­ate icon avatars depict­ing Customer (ter­med a “Coffee Changer”), Grower, Scout and Ambassador char­ac­ters. I also pro­duced a few fur­ther illus­tra­tions of their pro­duct and some per­son­al­ised login icons. To find out more please read this blog piece on Crew.

« Gravid » Phone Application

a series illustrating prenatal development

This series of illus­tra­tions was com­mis­sioned by an soft­ware developer for an app he was devel­op­ing called ‘Gravid’ (Norwegian for ‘Pregnant). The app is inten­ded to be used by expect­ant par­ents to help them mon­it­or pro­gress dur­ing preg­nancy, get expert advice and edu­cate them­selves about the day-to-day devel­op­ment of their child in the womb.

The brief con­sisted of design­ing a ‘Mother’ char­ac­ter and then pro­du­cing 41 con­sec­ut­ive weeks of vec­tor­ised illus­tra­tions of the baby grow­ing from a bundle of cells into a new­born.

Selection of Sketches for Kidswear Illustration

Early sketches and drawings for Autumn Winter Collection 2015.

  • Karolful_AWSketch 1
  • Karolful_AWSketch 7
  • Karolful_AWSketch 6
  • Karolful_AWSketch 5
  • Karolful_AWSketch 4
  • Karolful_AWSketch 3
  • Karolful_AWSketch 2

Here is a selec­tion of sketches and early draw­ing visu­al­isa­tions from my work on Kidswear Autumn/​Winter Collection 2015. I really like this stage of the design pro­cess as it enables me to brain­storm and explore dif­fer­ent ways to com­mu­nic­ate ideas and themes for the upcom­ing col­lec­tion.

It’s also really inter­est­ing to see what rough draw­ings do and don’t get taken on to the next stage to develop into the final pro­duct. It’s also a great men­tal exer­cise, hav­ing to come up with new ways to work in sea­son­al themes (e.g. weather, hol­i­days, fest­ivals, sea­son­al cloth­ing and events) and think­ing of new activ­it­ies for the icon­ic char­ac­ters to get involved in.

Kidswear Illustration 2015 Collection

produced under the Art Direction of Noo-Studio for Mesamis clothing company

  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_14
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_10
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_13
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_15
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_10
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_13
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_14

This Spring/​Summer 2015 Collection con­tin­ued with the hand-drawn aes­thet­ics from the pre­ced­ing Autumn/​Winter col­lec­tion and applied this style to cre­ate designs that depic­ted examples of children’s nat­ur­al curi­os­ity and their fas­cin­a­tion with explor­a­tion. Hence the char­ac­ters are act­ive, dynam­ic and express­ive of inquis­it­ive­ness, won­der and joy.

The Autumn/​Winter 2015 was informed by the pop­ular­ity of the pre­vi­ous year’s use of 3d mod­els. Thus it accen­tu­ated this more styl­ised approach with­in the illus­tra­tions. The designs were also spe­cific­ally designed so that more invent­ive meth­ods of incor­por­at­ing them into cloth­ing could be used (e.g. embroidered rather than prin­ted and/​or patches of dif­fer­ent tex­tured fab­ric embed­ded with­in them).

Kidswear Illustration 2014 Collection

produced under the Art Direction of Noo-Studio for Mesamis clothing company

  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_14
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_13

This is a selec­tion of illus­tra­tions cre­ated for the Spring/​Summer 2014 Collection. The three brand char­ac­ters of Mesamis (Bear, Rabbit and Elephant) were designed as 3d mod­els and then used as the basis for all the images.

The Autumn/​Winter 2014 Collection was also inspired by the 3d mod­els. However, this series explored more hand-drawn aes­thet­ics. The illus­tra­tions reflect the core brand val­ues of Mesamis and con­sequently depict the char­ac­ters as activ­e and dynam­ic, as well as emphas­ising a close rela­tion­ship between child and par­ent.

Composite Games — Chronicles of Ollundra

series of character design drawings

  • Karolful_CompositeGames_1
  • Karolful_ChroniclesofOllundra_1
  • Karolful_ChroniclesofOllundra_2
  • Karolful_ChroniclesofOllundra_3
  • Karolful_ChroniclesofOllundra_4
  • Karolful_CompositeGames_5

Composite Games are an indie role­play­ing game com­pany who are hard at work devel­op­ing an excit­ing new tab­letop game, entitled the Chronicles of Ollundra. As part of this ongo­ing pro­ject they com­mis­sioned Karolful to provide a series of char­ac­ter design illus­tra­tions. These visu­al ele­ments will embel­lish their intric­ately designed games, enrich­ing the gam­ing exper­i­ence.

The images will appear in the Ollundra rule book and pro­mo­tion­al mater­i­al. Additionally, Composite sought con­sulta­tion on their art dir­ec­tion and busi­ness brand­ing, lead­ing to Karolful design­ing their com­pany and game-title logo.

To see all the char­ac­ters in more detail please vis­it my Behance port­fo­lio by fol­low­ing this LINK.