Karolina Szymkiewicz is a freelance illustrator working as ‹Karolful›.

Karolful util­ises her expert draw­ing skills to respond to design briefs, devel­op­ing cre­at­ive out­comes that are rel­ev­ant to mod­ern media (prints, mer­chand­ise products, pat­terns, books, book­lets, album cov­ers etc).


Originally from Poland (Wrocław) she moved to Scotland to study in 2006 and gradu­ated with dis­tinc­tion from a Master’s Illustration course at Edinburgh College of Art (September 2011). Not long after she moved to Leeds, where she is cur­rently work­ing on com­mis­sions and per­sonal pro­jects.

In her fine art work …

… Karolina takes inspir­a­tion from the human body and move­ment. This is reflec­ted in the theme of con­tem­por­ary dance, which Karolina has been explor­ing over the past 4 years. Her art­work focuses on fig­ur­at­ive rep­res­ent­a­tions in pen­cil. However, recently she has also been incor­por­at­ing oth­er meth­ods of draw­ing, like digit­al and mono­type.

In 2013 Karolina was short­l­is­ted for the New Lights Exhibition and was awar­ded the TIG Prize for most out­stand­ing rep­res­ent­a­tional work. She was also involved in a res­id­ency with TASTE Shop in Shanghai, which res­ul­ted in a sold-out exhib­i­tion in April 2014 entitled “MA“. That year she also col­lab­or­ated with a group of dan­cers from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. With the sup­por­t of East Street Arts this res­id­ency con­cluded in October 2014 with an exhib­i­tion at Union105 entitled ‘Pandora’s Box’.

In 2015 Karolina has par­ti­cip­ated in the devel­op­ment of a new piece by TurnAroundDance Theatre at Yorkshire Dance. This res­id­ency was fol­lowed by an exhib­i­tion at The Dukes gal­lery in Lancaster. Additionally, Karolful is con­trib­ut­ing to a series of three group exhib­i­tions called ’Fingers Crossed’ in Manchester, the theme for which is ‹luck, chance and coin­cid­ence.› The final instal­ment of this trip­tych will take place on the 13th of November.

In her illus­tra­tion work …

… Karolful has acquired a great deal of exper­i­ence and strong interest in char­ac­ter design, graph­ic design, and book­bind­ing. Currently, she is pre­dom­in­antly com­mis­sioned to work in Fashion, pro­du­cing illus­tra­tions and pat­terns for children’s cloth­ing. She has been involved in work­ing on mul­tiple Spring/​Summer and Autumn/​Winter col­lec­tions for Mesamis and SunRoo cloth­ing com­pan­ies (based in China).

Apart from that, she has developed char­ac­ters for the gam­ing industry, includ­ing work­ing on series of illus­tra­tion for a table top game called ‘Chronicles of Ollundra’. She has also worked with writers on illus­trat­ing char­ac­ters for children’s stor­ies like “The Arcane Compendium of Beasts and Races of the Realm”.

To get to know more about Karolina and her work you can fol­low her on a num­ber of social media plat­forms (links provided below).

Noo-Studio | The House of Collaboration

Noo-Studio is a Contemporary Design Studio that provides design solu­tions for brands.


Noo ? noonoo : noun (pl. noonoos) vari­ant spelling of nunu. nunu |ˈnuːnuː| (also noonoo) noun (pl. nuns) S. African inform­al an insect, spider, worm, or sim­il­ar small creature. ORIGIN from Zulu inunu ‘hor­rible object or anim­al’. Noo : A Scotticism is a phrase or word which is char­ac­ter­ist­ic of dia­lects of Scots. [1] An archetyp­al example is « Och aye the noo», which trans­lates as, « Oh yes, just now ». This phrase is often used in par­ody by non-Scots and although the phrases « Och aye » and « the noo » are in com­mon use by Scots sep­ar­ately, they are rarely used togeth­er.

We develop idea of col­lectiv­ity that brings remark­able cre­at­ives togeth­er ; that’s how we build a qual­ity that is essen­tial to our designs.

  • Research : Strong atten­tion to the first phase of pro­ject : mar­ket research,
    ref­er­ences, design solu­tions to help define pro­ject scopes.
  • Concept : With the strong con­tem­por­ary back­ground, stu­dio cre­ates con­cepts with cli­ents
    to ensure, that the final out­put meet all the require­ments.
  • Design : Our design pro­pos­als are the step where the cli­ent needs meet the design­ers mind.
    We teach, define and value to offer applic­able solu­tions.
  • Solution : Defining the final solu­tion is the key point to the suc­cess­ful designs.
    With cli­ents & col­lab­or­at­ors, we define the object­ives and shape the res­ult.
  • Feedback : Time shows how suc­cess­ful pro­ject is.
    We sum­mar­ise the pro­cess & gather the feed­back to make it more effect­ive in the future.