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Character Design

Character Design



Fine Art

Fine Art

T-shirt Illustration Design

The Bear, The Lion and The Wolf.



  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 1
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 2

  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 3
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 4
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 5
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 6
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 7
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 8
  • TShirtDesign_Karolful 9

An illustration design embellishing an ’Alpha’ concept logo, commissioned via Crew website. The illustration’s composition is inspired by the ‘Allegory of Prudence’ by Titian and its content combines a three-headed entity (one Bear, one Lion and one Wolf) within the typographic ‘Alpha’ logo. Each animal is intended to signify a particular virtue the brand wanted to evoke (Lion = Courage; Bear = Strength; Wolf = Loyalty). The logo was created for branding purposes and labels, with the illustration having to be capable of being printed on black and white apparel.


  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 1
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 2
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 3
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 4
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 5

  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 7
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 9
  • WeddingInvite_Karolful 8

Examples of personalised illustrations created for use in letter-pressed wedding invites. I have worked on a number of such commissions, which have been offered to me via the Crew website. On the invitation with a map, I only created the illustrated icons and topographic elements such as mountains and forests.

I very much enjoyed being a small part of people’s “Big Day”. If you’re looking for help with a wedding invite please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Selection of Sketches for Kidswear Illustration

Early sketches and drawings for Autumn Winter Collection 2015.

  • Karolful_AWSketch 1
  • Karolful_AWSketch 7
  • Karolful_AWSketch 6

  • Karolful_AWSketch 5
  • Karolful_AWSketch 4
  • Karolful_AWSketch 3
  • Karolful_AWSketch 2

Here is a selection of sketches and early drawing visualisations from my work on Kidswear Autumn/Winter Collection 2015. I really like this stage of the design process as it enables me to brainstorm and explore different ways to communicate ideas and themes for the upcoming collection.

It’s also really interesting to see what rough drawings do and don’t get taken on to the next stage to develop into the final product. It’s also a great mental exercise, having to come up with new ways to work in seasonal themes (e.g. weather, holidays, festivals, seasonal clothing and events) and thinking of new activities for the iconic characters to get involved in.

Kidswear Illustration 2015 Collection

produced under the Art Direction of Noo-Studio for Mesamis clothing company

  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_14
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_10
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_13
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_SS2015_15

  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_10
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_13
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_AW2015_14

This Spring/Summer 2015 Collection continued with the hand-drawn aes­thet­ics from the preceding Autumn/Winter collection and applied this style to create designs that depicted examples of children’s natural curiosity and their fascination with exploration. Hence the characters are active, dynamic and expressive of inquisitiveness, wonder and joy.

The Autumn/Winter 2015 was informed by the popularity of the previous year’s use of 3d models. Thus it accentuated this more stylised approach within the illustrations. The designs were also specifically designed so that more inventive methods of incorporating them into clothing could be used (e.g. embroidered rather than printed and/or patches of different textured fabric embedded within them).


Kidswear Illustration 2014 Collection

produced under the Art Direction of Noo-Studio for Mesamis clothing company

  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_14
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_13

This is a selec­tion of illus­tra­tions cre­ated for the Spring/ Summer 2014 Collection. The three brand char­ac­ters of Mesamis (Bear, Rabbit and Elephant) were designed as 3d mod­els and then used as the basis for all the images.

The Autumn/ Winter 2014 Collection was also inspired by the 3d mod­els. However, this series explored more hand-drawn aes­thet­ics. The illustrations reflect the core brand val­ues of Mesamis and consequently depict the characters as activ­e and dynam­ic, as well as emphas­ising a close rela­tion­ship between child and parent.