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Character Design



Fine Art

Fine Art

Kidswear Illustration

produced under the Art Direction of Noo-Studio for Mesamis clothing company

  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_1
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_2
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_3
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_4
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_5
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_6
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_7
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_8
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_9
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_10
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_11
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_12
  • Karolful_Kidswear_Illustration_13

This is a selec­tion of illus­tra­tions cre­ated for the Spring/​Summer 2014 Collection. The three brand char­ac­ters of Mesamis (Bear, Rabbit and Elephant) were redesigned as 3d mod­els and then used as the basis for all the images.

The Autumn/​Winter 2014 Collection was inspired by the 3d mod­els. However, this series explores more hand-​drawn aes­thet­ics. It refers to core brand val­ues of Mesamis. These centre around activ­ity and dynam­ism and emphas­ise a close rela­tion­ship between child and parent.

«Wheel of Fortune»

series of group exhibitions called "Fingers Crossed"

  • Fingers-Crossed-Karolful
  • Fingers-Crossed-Karolful2

Karolful was invited to par­ti­cip­ate in a series of three pop-​up exhib­i­tions in Manchester, each on one of the Fridays the 13ths in 2015. These exhib­i­tions are inspired by the notions of luck, chance, fate and coin­cid­ence. The first two took place in February and March at Rogue Studios and AWOL Studios respect­ively. These have been cur­ated by Katarzyna Jablonska and the final instal­ment is sched­uled for the 13th of November 2015. The poster image was designed by Alex Young.

Drawing inspir­a­tion from Greek Mythology, Karolina explores the motif of Rota Fortunae (Wheel of Fortune). It is a concept rep­res­ent­at­ive of the capri­cious nature of fate and luck and of how within our per­sonal nar­rat­ives we habitu­ally rep­res­ent time as a cycle between prosper­ity and dis­aster. For the pur­pose of this exhib­i­tion Karolful intro­duced a new tech­nique which blends a graph­ite mono­type with tra­di­tional pen­cil draw­ing. These draw­ings have been pro­duced in col­lab­or­a­tion with the dan­cers Louis Lever and Joe Thomas.

«Mirrored Minds» Exhibition

residency with TurnAround Dance Theatre

  • Mirrored-Minds_Karolful_1
  • Mirrored-Minds_Karolful_2
  • Mirrored-Minds_Karolful_3
  • Mirrored-Minds_Karolful_4

In November 2014 Karolful was invited to join TurnAround Dance Theatre in their res­id­ency at Yorkshire Dance. They were devel­op­ing a new piece called “Mirrored Minds”, in which they explored how we use mir­ror neur­ons to learn, recog­nise and empath­ise with one another.

In January 2015 Karolina pro­duced a series of 4 draw­ings that were exhib­ited in The Dukes gal­lery in Lancaster. These were 30cm by 40cm mixed media pieces that com­bined digital lin­ear out­line with tra­di­tional pen­cil drawing.

«Pandora’s Box» Exhibition

solo exhibition 25th Sept - 5th Oct 2014, at Union 105, Leeds

  • Pandora's Box_Exhibition_Karolful_1
  • Pandora's-Box_Exhibition_Karolful-2
  • Pandora's-Box_Exhibition_Karolful-7
  • Pandora's-Box_Exhibition_Karolful-3
  • Pandora's-Box_Exhibition_Karolful-4
  • Pandora's-Box_Exhibition_Karolful-5
  • Pandora's-Box_Exhibition_Karolful-8

Pandora’s Box was an exhib­i­tion of mixed media draw­ings com­mis­sioned by Union 105 | East Street Arts. Karolful con­tin­ued to develop a new tech­nique of join­ing digital lin­ear out­line with tra­di­tional pen­cil drawing.

Inspired by two Greek myth­o­lo­gical motifs; ‘Pandora’s Box’ and ‘The Fates’, this exhib­i­tion expands on recent dance install­a­tion per­form­ance by the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and a col­lab­or­a­tion with a video artist Blessing Oyebanji. It encour­ages one to reflect on human nature and its influ­ence on people’s lives.

  • MA-Exhibition_Karolful-5
  • MA Exhibition_Karolful_2
  • MA Exhibition_Karolful_3
  • MA Exhibition_Karolful_4
  • MA Exhibition_Karolful_1

The MA” exhib­i­tion is the res­ult of a col­lab­or­a­tion between visual artist Karolina Szymkiewicz | Karolful, TASTE Shop and Noo-​Studio. It was pro­duced in TASTE Studio, dur­ing Karolful’s March 2014 res­id­ency and ran between the 11th of April and 13th of May 2014, in TASTE Shop’s exhib­i­tion space in Tian Zi Fang (Shanghai).

The dir­ect inspir­a­tion for the art­work comes from the video “Urban Butoh” per­formed by Butoh dance mas­ter Atsushi Takenouchi and dir­ec­ted by Jordi Arqué.

Please read here to learn more about the concept behind the art­work of the exhibition.

However, if you would like to learn more about the col­lab­or­at­ors, see stages of the devel­op­ment of the art­work and more please visit the blog by click­ing here.